TEC4Home:Telehealth for Emergency-Community Continuity of Care Connectivity via Home Tele-monitoring.
TEC4Home is patient-centred home telemonitoring solution designed specifically for safety and quality of care during the patient’s transition from hospital to home, bridging the gap between hospital and community care. The solution uses sensors supplied by TELUS Health to collect biometric measurements (i.e., weight, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation) from patients daily as a way of remotely monitoring symptoms to detect deterioration sooner as to avoid unnecessary ED readmissions and hospitalizations.

We intend to demonstrate improvements to patient health outcomes and reductions in healthcare utilization costs using the triple aim framework. The results from TEC4Home will also inform the scale and spread of use of home telemonitoring technology in different settings across BC.

To investigate the effectiveness of TEC4Home for heart failure patients we will be conducting a feasibility study starting in Fall 2016 and a larger, province wide, cluster randomized controlled trial (24 months) in 2017.

In addition, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) and TEC4Home will conduct a deployment and evaluation of TEC4Home telemonitoring for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.

About the TEC4Home Project: TEC4Home Heart Failure is funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research and Michael Smith Foundation for Heath Research, with additional support from TELUS Health and the BC Ministry of Health. TEC4Home COPD is funded by VCH through the Infoway Telehomecare program, with additional support from VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, TELUS Health and the BC Ministry of Health.

TEC4Home Project Team: The TEC4Home team is made up of physicians, researchers, administrators, industry partners and patients. See below for the list of team members.

Emergency Medicine:

  • Dr. Kendall Ho
  • Dr. Chad Kim Sing
  • Dr. Julian Marsden
  • Dr. Jim Christenson
  • Dr. Eric Grafstein
  • Dr. Riyad Abu-Laban
  • Dr. Frank Scheuermeyer

Family and Community Care:

  • Dr. Terry Chang
  • Dr. Julie Nguyen
  • Dr. John Pawlovich
  • Ms. Betty DaSilva


  • Dr. Nat Hawkins
  • Dr. Andy Ignaszewski
  • Dr. Annie Chou

Research and Evaluation:

  • Dr. Craig Mitton
  • Dr. Hubert Wong
  • Ms. Lena Cuthbertson
  • Dr. Helen Novak Lauscher
  • Mr. Travis Nagle

UBC Engineering:

  • Panos Nasiopoulos
  • Mahsa Pourazad

TELUS Health and HHM:

  • Shannon Malovec
  • May Tuason
  • Susi Wilkinson
  • Heather Harps
  • Max Gaspranov
  • Dave Wattling


  • Dean Sawyer

Patient Partners:

  • Colleen McGavin
  • Iris Kisch
  • Dale Kisch

Contact for more information: Jennifer Cordeiro, Research Coordinator Jennifer.c@ubc.ca