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BC Updates / 卑詩省最新消息

  • How to Get Vaccinated / 如何接種新型冠狀病毒疫苗 (BC Government) 繁體 简体
  • BC Government’s Most Updated Translated Content (News and Government Support Resources) NOTE: All translations of the daily join statement updates from the BC Government can be found at the bottom of this webpage in News section
    卑詩省政府最新的翻譯内容(新聞和申請政府支持)- 注意:在網頁底部的新聞部分,您能找到全部卑詩省政府每日更新的聯合聲明的中文翻譯 (BC Government)
    If you need help or guidance in another language, please call 8-1-1. 8-1-1 has translation services in 130 languages / 如有关于新冠状病毒的问题并需要语言翻译帮助,请拨打8-1-1。8-1-1 可以提供130个语言的翻译
    繁體 简体
  • Greater Vancouver COVID-19 Information and Government Support Resources/大溫哥華區域新冠狀病毒資料和政府支援資源 (City of Vancouver) 繁體 简体

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