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BC Updates / 卑詩省最新消息

  • Business Continuity & COVID-19 Small Business Resources / 业务连续性与COVID-19:卑诗省小型企业应思考的关键事项 (BC Government) English 繁體 简体
  • COVID-19 Notice for business community partners and employers English 简体
  • Greater Vancouver COVID-19 Information and Government Support Resources/大溫哥華區域新冠狀病毒資料和政府支援資源 (City of Vancouver) 繁體 简体
  • BC Government Translated Content (News and Government Support Resources) NOTE: All translations of the daily join statement updates from the BC Government can be found at the bottom of this webpage in News section
    卑詩省政府翻譯内容(新聞和申請政府支持)- 注意:在網頁底部的新聞部分,您能找到全部卑詩省政府每日更新的聯合聲明的中文翻譯 (BC Government)
    If you need help or guidance in another language, please call 8-1-1. 8-1-1 has translation services in 130 languages / 如有关于新冠状病毒的问题并需要语言翻译帮助,请拨打8-1-1。8-1-1 可以提供130个语言的翻译
    繁體 简体

Information about COVID-19 / COVID-19信息

  • Series of Video Q&As / COVID-19的常見問題視頻系列 (PHSA) English 繁體 简体
  • COVID-19 Myth Busters / COVID-19傳言和事實 (WHO) English 繁體
  • COVID-19 FAQ / COVID-19的常見問題 (BCCDC) English 繁體 简体
  • Similarities and Differences between COVID-19 and Flu / 与流感的相似点和不同之处 (WHO) English 简体
  • General FAQ / 常見問題 COVID-19 (WHO) English 简体
  • How to talk to your friends about COVID-19 / 如何与您的朋友谈论 COVID-19(Fraser Health)English 简体
  • About Coronavirus Disease / COVID-19 / 关于2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19) (Public Health Agency of Canada)English 简体
  • Mythbuster – Holding your breath / 误区:屏住呼吸10秒钟是一种有效的COVID-19测试(Fraser Health) English 简体
  • Mythbuster – Warm Weather / 误区:天气一旦转暖,就会阻止新冠病毒的传播(Fraser Health) English 简体
  • How to manage fear and anxiety / 管理围绕COVID-19的焦虑 (Fraser Health) English 简体
  • Response to 2019 Coronavirus Questions / 联合国关于2019冠状病毒病专题问答 (United Nations) English 简体
  • Vulnerable Population and COVID-19 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • For persons exempt from mandatory quarantine (self-isolation) due to COVID-19/ COVID-19時期免於强制隔離的人 (自我隔離)(Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • People who are at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19 / 因COVID-19导致严重病症的高危人群 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and caring for newborns: Advice for mothers during COVID-19 / COVID-19時期怀孕、分娩和新生儿照顾:给母亲的建议 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 繁體 简体
  • Parenting during COVID-19 / COVID-19 期間的育兒 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 繁體 简体
  • COVID-19: Testing and reducing stigma / COVID-19:测试和减少污名化 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体

Prevention / 預防措施

  • How to safely use a non-medical mask or face covering / 如何安全使用非医用口罩或面罩 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • When and how to use face masks / 何时及如何使用口罩 (WHO) English 简体
  • Protective measures / 对公众的建议(WHO) English 简体
  • Healthy Parenting / COVID-19疫情期间的家庭教育 (WHO) English 简体
  • Social Distancing / 社交距离 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • Be Prepared COVID-19 / 有备⽆患(COVID-19)(Public Health Agency of Canada)English 繁體 简体
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces / 冠状病毒疾病 (COVID-19)清洁和消毒公共空间 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • 7 tips for talking to kids / 与儿童谈论COVID-19的7个提示 (Fraser Health) English 简体
  • How to be a germ fighter – for kids / 如何做一名細菌鬥士 — 給孩子的資訊 (Fraser Health) English 简体
  • Wash Hands – Phone / 像查看手机一样那么频繁地洗手 (Fraser Health) English 简体
  • Wash Hands – Mom is watching / 如何向您的母親在監視著您那樣吸收 (Fraser Health) English 简体
  • Preventing COVID-19 in the Workplace: Employers, employees and essential service workers  / 在工作場所預防 COVID-19:給雇主、雇員和基本服務人員的建議 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 繁體 简体
  • Visitors to Hospital Guidelines (Fraser Health)English 简体
  • Minimizing COVID-19 risk for community-based food / 减低 COVID-19 新型冠状病毒对社区膳食计划的风险 (City of Vancouver)繁體 简体
  • Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 / 幫助減少冠狀病毒病(COVID-19) 的傳播 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 繁體 简体

Symptoms and Testing / 症狀與病毒檢測

  • BC’s Updated Testing Guideline from BCCDC Website/卑詩省最新的病毒檢測准測,資料來自BCCDC網站 (BCCDC) 繁體
  • What do you need to know about testing / 有关COVID-19检测您需要了解什么 (Fraser Health)English 简体
  • How to use ER wisely / 在COVID-19爆发期间,请明智使用 ER 急诊部 (Fraser Health) English 简体
  • BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool for testing / 卑詩省COVID-19症狀自我評估工具 (BC Government) English 繁體
  • For travelers without symptoms of COVID-19 returning to Canada / 剛回到加拿大的無症狀旅客(Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • For travelers with COVID-19 symptoms returning to Canada / 剛回到加拿大的有症狀旅客 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 繁體 简体

Managing COVID-19 / 如何管理COVID-19

  • Care for a person with COVID-19 – Caregivers / 如何在家照顾COVID-19病人:(Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • How to isolate at home when you have COVID-19 / 感染了 COVID-19 时如何在家中隔离 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • How to care for a child with COVID-19 at home: Advice for Caregivers / 如何在家中照顾患了 COVID-19 的孩子:给看护者的建议 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English 简体
  • Use medication with caution / 谨慎使用药物 (Public Health Agency of Canada)简体

Managing other illnesses with COVID-19 / 如何在COVID-19期間管理其他疾病

  • For hemodialysis Patients – Important Information / 血液透析病人的重要須知 (BC Renal Agency) English 繁體
  • For CKD, PD and home HD patients / 腹膜透析及居家血液透析病人的重要須知 (BC Renal Agency) English 繁體
  • Social Distancing for hemodialysis patients / 血液透析患者的重要須知:關於社交距離 (Social Distancing)(BC Renal Agency) English 繁體
  • Breast Cancer Screening Q&A/乳腺癌筛查问答 (BC Cancer)繁體 简体
  • Colon Cancer Screening Q&A/大肠癌筛查问答 (BC Cancer)繁體 简体
  • Cervix Screening Q&A/宫颈癌筛查问答 (BC Cancer)繁體 简体

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