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BC Updates / BC주 업데이트

  • Business Continuity & COVID-19 Small Business Resources / 사업 연속성과 COVID-19: BC주 소기업의 주요 고려 사항 (BC Government)English Korean
  • COVID-19 notice for business community partners and employers (Fraser Health) English Korean
  • BC Government Translated Content (News and Government Support Resources) Korean
  • Greater Vancouver COVID-19 Information and Government Support Resources (City of Vancouver) Korean

Information about COVID-19 / COVID-19 정보

  • How to talk to your friends about COVID-19 / 친지나 지인과 대화하는 방법 COVID-19(Fraser Health) English Korean
  • About Coronavirus Disease / COVID-19 / 코로나 바이러스 감염증 (Public Health Agency of Canada) English Korean
  • Mythbuster – Holding your breath / 속설: 숨을 10초 동안 참는 것이 효과적인COVID-19 테스트이다.(Fraser Health)Korean
  • Mythbuster – Warm Weather / 속설: 여기 날씨가 따뜻해지면 코로나바이러스가 전파되지 않을 것이다.(Fraser Health)Korean
  • How to manage fear and anxiety / COVID-19에 대한 불안 관리(Fraser Health)Korean
  • Vulnerable Population and COVID-19 / 취약 계층과 코로나 19 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean
  • People who are at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19 / 코로나 19 로 심각한 질병에 걸릴 위험이 높은 사람 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and caring for newborns: Advice for mothers during COVID-19 / 임신, 출산 및 신생아 돌보기: 코로나19 기간 중 산모를 위한 권고 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean
  • Parenting during COVID-19 / 코로나19 기간 중 어린이 돌보기 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean
  • COVID-19: Testing and reducing stigma / 코로나 19: 검사와 낙인 없애기 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean

Prevention / 예방

  • How to safely use a non-medical mask or face covering / 마스크나 얼굴 가리개를 안전하게 사용하는 방법 (Public Health Agency of Canada)Korean
  • Be prepared for COVID-19 / 준비하세요(코로나19) (Public Health Agency of Canada)Korean
  • Wash Hands – Phone / 전화기를 수시로 들여다보듯 손도 자주 씻으세요.(Fraser Health)Korean
  • Wash Hands – Mom is watching / 엄마가 지켜보고 있는 것처럼 손 씻는 방법(Fraser Health)Korean
  • 7 tips for talking to kids / 아이들과 COVID-19에 관해 대화하는 7가지 꿀팁(Fraser Health)Korean
  • How to be a germ fighter (for kids) / 세균과 싸워 이기는 방법 (Fraser Health)Korean
  • Preventing COVID-19 in the workplace: Employers, employees and essential service workers / 고용주, 고용인 및 필수 서비스 직원들을 위한 권고 (Public Health Agency of Canada)Korean
  • Visitors to Hospital Guidelines (Fraser Health)Korean
  • Visitor’s Notice / 코로나19 공지 (BC Housing)Korean
  • Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 / 코로나19 확산 방지 노력에 동참하세요 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean

Symptoms and Testing / 증상과 검사

  • What do you need to know about testing / 아셔야 할 사항들 COVID-19검사 (Fraser Health) English Korean
  • How to use ER wisely / 확산 기간 중ER 응급실을 현명하게 이용하십시오 (Fraser Health) English Korean
  • How to care for a child with COVID-19 at home: Advice for caregivers / 코로나19에 감염된 어린이를 집에서 돌보는 방법: 간병인을 위한 권고 (Public Health Agency of Canada)Korean
  • BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool for Testing / BC주 COVID-19 증상 자가평가 도구 (BC Government) Korean
  • For travelers with symptoms of COVID-19 returning to Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean

Managing COVID-19

  • Care for a Person with COVID-19-Caregivers / 코로나19에 걸린 사람을 집에서 보살피는 방법: (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean
  • How to isolate at home when you have COVID-19 / 코로나 19 에 감염되었을 때 자택격리 방법 (Public Health Agency of Canada) Korean

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