kendall_sleep_timeThis in-house initiative aims to produce a series of video clips where selected health and wellness apps are reviewed by Dr. Kendall Ho, Director of the eHealth Strategy Office. The goal is to highlight mobile apps which may be of value to medical and health professionals to help their patients monitor and manage their health.

As the field of health and wellness apps grow rapidly, the eHealth Strategy Office intends to keep abreast of the apps that can contribute to connecting people to better health. Accordingly, production and delivery of the Health-e-Apps series of video clips will be based on demand for such information and on ongoing development of relevant health self-management apps that can improve medical and health care.


Health-e-Apps was launched June 2013, and to date, a total of six video clips have been produced. A newsletter to a subscriber list of family physicians accompanies the public release of each video.

An adjunct initiative called Reviews from the Field aims to showcase selected app reviews by other Canadian health professionals.

The plan for 2014 is to produce more videos, and to further promote and encourage family physicians, other health professionals and the general public to try the apps to see if the apps can help them be better engaged in using and benefiting from these mobile health monitoring and management technology.

Health-e-Apps can be found here –


For further information, please contact Michael Lim
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