eHealth: Using Technology for Health and Wellness

What is eHealth?

eHealth is the use of electronic technologies to support health service delivery and education. Technology can include computers, smartphones, the internet, apps, and other devices. eHealth tools can support patient-and family-centred care by helping people manage their chronic conditions, track health and fitness activities, reinforce healthy behaviours, and log immunizations, doctor visits, appointments, and follow up care plans. In BC there are many resources available.
To be able to get all the benefits offered by eHealth, people need to know what is available, where to find things, how to use the tools and resources; and how to evaluate the quality and fit with their needs. This is called eHealth literacy.


The eHealth Strategy Office is working with the BC Ministry of Health Patients as Partners to promote eHealth literacy in BC by increasing awareness and use. Both patients and health care providers can use eHealth to achieve faster, better and safer care.

For an overview of eHealth, please watch the video. Animated video by: Yolanda Liman from Drawing It Out


To learn more about using technology to support your health and wellness, come join us at the Vancouver Public Library or via webcast on November 19, 2015! More event information here: eHITS2015 Public Forum. This event is FREE and open to everyone and anyone interested in eHealth.

Find out how which apps can help you stay healthy. Dr. Kendall Ho provides reviews here:
Five things to consider when choosing a health app: 5 things pdf

Please visit this page for a growing list of resources, educational videos and links to more information.



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This project is support by funding from the BC Ministry of Health Patients as Partners.