Virtual ED and Hospital

Our Aim

  • To build a global living repository of virtual emergency medicine

Virtual ED: Digital technology for service delivery (e.g. seeing patients or consultants via videoconferencing, texting patients for labs).

Digital ED: Digital technology for remote patient monitoring, data management, and decision support (e.g. electronic records, AI, Machine Learning, and health informatics.

If you would like to share your thoughts and experience with virtual and digital emergency departments where you work/practice, please fill out this 5-7 minute survey. We will compile an inventory of such models/initiatives globally for knowledge sharing and mutual learning.

Virtual/Digital EDs at Work – A Global Survey


Information Sheets & Examples

Please see below for examples of virtual care around the world, and information sheets on initiatives the UBC Digital Emergency Medicine unit is involved in!

UBC Digital Emergency Medicine Information Sheet

TEC4Home Information Sheet